Labor Relations
Labor Relations is the foundation of the association and probably the reason you've become an MMCA member. Steve Pettersen is the chief negotiator, has over 30 years experience, and has negotiated labor agreements with pipe trades unions in the Midwest. This can only be done successfully by knowing the needs of MMCA members and developing a working relationship with local union representatives. He also is a management trustee on several fringe benefit funds and joint apprenticeship committees.

Collective Bargaining Agreements are not public information and cannot be found on this website. To receive a copy of any Collective Bargaining Agreement that was negotiated through MMCA contact our office at (651) 646-2121 or

Government Affairs
MMCA's Government Affairs Director Gary Thaden keeps a vigilant eye on the legislature and bills that are being proposed and government agencies and the actions they take. Thaden helps legislators and government employees understand the benefits of MMCA positions. After 20 years of lobbying he's developed the trust with legislators and government regulators that's necessary to benefit MMCA members.

Holiday Gas Program
MMCA has worked closely with Holiday Gas Stations to provide a Fleet Service agreement and reduce fuel costs by $.05 on every gallon of gas. This is also a free service we offer to our members and to apply click HERE and follow the directions. If you're not receiving a reduced rate on your vehicle's gas consumption you should check out this program, we haven't seen a better pricing program from any other gas station.

Benefits of Membership
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